Analysis of the Double Bonus Spin Roulette Game

How to Play the Roulette Game with a Double Bonus Spin

IGT’s Double Bonus Spin Roulette will make you see in color. Red and black are joined by green and yellow in this version of the popular casino game roulette seen in virtual casinos online. The first three colors are standard, but the yellow pocket is bigger than the others and lands 1.5 times more often since it is related with the extra wager in this feature-rich game.

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Structure of the Game

In general, this roulette variation has a below-par design. The roulette wheel takes up most of the screen real estate, with the betting arrangement and racetrack surrounding it. The layout is cramped and narrow since much of the room is taken up by the user interface.

The size of the numbers on the track causes many of them to get obscured.

We were dismayed to see that just basic animation was available for the rotating wheel and the moving ball. After only two revolutions, the ball in Double Bonus Spin Roulette appears to suddenly slow down and drop into the pocket. We at first blamed the turbo speed setting, but after observing that the clip always stays the same length, we realized that wasn’t the case.

Roulette games rely heavily on the wheel, therefore we were disappointed to see such a boring representation of it here. IGT messed up big time with this one; the wheel gets all the attention, yet it’s dwarfed by extraneous elements.

Hopefully, a new version of the game will be released shortly.

Sounds & Music from a Roulette Game

The sound effects are about as mediocre as the visuals. It doesn’t feel or sound like actual roulette when you place a wager, and the spinning wheel and ball make a noise more akin to dumping pennies into a bucket.

We found it frustrating that the ball would bounce between two pockets instead of staying in one. This was probably done to create suspense and prolong the winning number, but it’s irritating to hear after a time and seems to defy the laws of physics.

We understand that the soundtrack isn’t everything when it comes to a game like this, but we feel it has a significant impact on the game’s replay value nonetheless.

Inherent Characteristics

Players may place all of the standard wagers in Double Bonus Spin Roulette, but the yellow pocket is larger, giving them an extra chance to win. Players win two free spins and a cash bonus if the roulette ball falls in this yellow pocket.

If you bet on the bonus pocket coming up, you’ll win 12 to 1. If the ball lands on yellow, however, all bets hold and you get one free spin of the bonus wheel regardless of whether or not you bet on yellow. In this additional round, a two-wheeled wheel takes the place of the usual one.

The ball controls the rotation of the inner ring, while the outer pocket’s alignment with the ball determines the rotation of the outer ring.

All the conventional inside and outside bets in roulette are available. The racecourse also makes it simple to put a variety of neighbor bets.

Finally, IGT has included sophisticated bets to this roulette version, allowing players to put multiple bets with a single click. They may be disabled in the settings for a more traditional “figure it out yourself” experience, however these wagers do not:

There are red splits anywhere two red squares next to each other share a side.

Splits in which two neighboring black squares share a side are called “black splits.”

Straight and split wagers following the red square trail is the red dragon.

Black dragon, following the black squares with straight and split bets

Additionally, players may save their betting styles for later use.

What We Think about Roulette with a Double Bonus Spin

This is an excellent choice if you want to play a roulette variation that also includes a fun bonus round. The feature’s gameplay is rewarding and fun, but the game’s design is a major letdown. There are other games out there for anyone who are put off by the visuals. Instead, if you’re only interested in winning, you’ll find that IGT’s Double Bonus Spin Roulette is a lot of fun.

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